Güitig receives an international award in one of the most important premium water events in the world
  • Portfolio 23/06/2017


The gold medal for the Taste Awards 2017 was given to Güitig after being graded by a jury of five world class sommeliers:  Götz Graeber, Jason Kuok, Martin Riese, Peter Svenningsen and Michal Mascha, founder of the Fine Water Society.

The Fine Water Society competition has a unique hierarchy in the world.  Its jury is made up of 100% experts in water, while the competitors are water producers with waters of unique origins not known by the rest of the world.

Mineral water with natural gas is a true rarety.  Only 1% of mineral waters in the world have natural gas.  The mineral water with natural gas has been present in the market of Ecuador since 1908 as a first line natural product. Because of its flavor and the effect of its bubbles in the palate, it competed this year in the “Natural Carbonation” category.  According to the Fine Water Society, this is a unique event and Ecuador is justified in feeling proud of having such a special product.

Each year, premium waters of natural origin from 45 countries in the world have participated in the Fine Waters Tasting Competition.  In 2016, Güitig was awarded with silver and bronze medals in the “Sparkling” and “Design” categories, the latter for its glass bottle presentation.

Other high quality waters that participated in the event were:  Oro (Macedonia), ROI (Slovenia), Perrier (France), Svalbardi (Norway), Vichy Catalan (Spain), Ferrarelle (Italy), Apollinaris (Germany), among others.

Additionally, Güitig has received two other awards from Europe:  Monde Selection and two golden stars from the Quality and Flavor Institute.


About Fine Water Society

The Fine Water Society was founded in 2008 to create a global forum and to further enhance the visibility of Fine Water and convey the idea that water is not just water but a natural product with terroir and unique characteristics.

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