We are cbc

A multi-latin beverage company in more than 33 countries, with the largest portfolio in the region together with our strategic partners PepsiCo, Ambev and Beliv.

Our Strategic Partners

About Us


To be the best beverage Company in the Americas, creating sustainable value, offering consumers the best experiences with our brands and contributing to a better world.


We are competitive people that create solid relationships with our clients and consumers through better value proposals.

About Us

Get to know more about us through our history, values, operations, Corporate DNA and Ethics Code.

We believe in our people

We focus in training and develop our people.  We offer our collaborators training in decision making and to assume responsibilities to achieve individual and team objectives.

A Better World


Programas de Sostenibilidad

EcoChallenge Winners

EcoChallenge is the special category of environmental innovation in the Talent and Innovation Competition of the Americas.  EcoChallenge supports young people of Latin America and the Caribbean to develop environmental solutions and transform them in sustainable businesses.

We contribute to a better world by developing programs that generate shared value in the communities of the countries in which we operate.

Programas de Salud

Nutritional and Food Security Program in Santa Apolonia

We are committed to improve the opportunities and to encourage the development in all people of the countries in which we operate.  We support integral initiatives that improve health and nutritional condition, especially in children.

Programas de Sostenibilidad

Community Recycling

Through Community Recycling Program, we provide training to communities through associations and cooperatives. We encourage the formation of micro dedicated to the recovery and sale of recyclable materials with an emphasis on post-consumer containers, cans and non-returnable glass.


PepsiCo and cbc celebrate
75 years of successful association

PepsiCo and cbc celebrated 75 years of association during an internal meeting with their collaborators in Guatemala. Indra Nooyi, Administrative Council Director and CEO of PepsiCo, and Carlos Enrique Mata, Executive President of cbc both participated in that historic meeting.

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