GÜITIG, the first Brand from Ecuador to enter the Marketing Hall of Fame®
  • Portfolio 21/05/2013


GÜITIG, a Brand from Tesalia that is part of cbc, became the first brand from Ecuador to enter the Marketing Hall of Fame® of that country.  The announcement was made in Guayaquil, Ecuador, in May 2013.

The American Marketing Association New York (AMA/NY) in order to recognize the path of exceptional brands, created in 1993 the Marketing Hall of Fame®, the highest honor to recognize companies and brands that have achieved sustainable success through time and in their markets – brands that have made an exceptional contribution to marketing by superior quality, innovation and professional management.   Ecuador´s edition has taken place for the last 9 years.

Diana Landucci, Tesalia´s Brand Manager, said:

“GÜITIG is part of the Marketing Fall of Fame® in Ecuador as a GREAT BRAND that has contributed with its path to change consumer habits and to create trends through its communication and innovation. “

“This year, we relaunched the brand with a solid vision and positioning strategy that looks up to generate more value for the brand and to transform the way consumers use GÜITIG, with all the challenges we have confronted.”

In cbc we are proud of this achievement reached thanks to teamwork and leadership.