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A Better World

Corporate Social Responsibility is an active and voluntary contribution of cbc for the social, economic and environmental improvement in the communities. This goes further than law observance, rules and guidelines in each country, with respect and strict observance of them.

Through a group of strategies, practices and management systems we pursue equilibrium in the economic, social and environmental dimensions. The principles in which our programs are based are solidarity and shared valued and we always search for their efficiency and efficacy.

UN Global Compact

We are part of the United Nations Global Compact, the largest corporate initiative. This initiative is a framework for construction the social legitimization of corporations and markets. We share the conviction that corporate practices based in universal principles contribute to the building of a more stable global market.

We align our strategies and operations with the ten universally accepted principles in four areas:  human rights, labor standards, and environment and anti-corruption policies.

United Nations wants that the companies that belong to the Global Compact carry out efforts that support the development of United Nations, as well as the Millennium Development Objectives.

Responsible Corporate efforts build trust and social capital and contribute to development.

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