PepsiCo and cbc, Together for Sustainable Development
  • Environmental Sustainability 24/08/2016

PepsiCo and cbc introduced in Guatemala the alliance “Together for a Sustainable Development”, with the objective of encouraging social and environmental development in the country.

Alianza PepsiCo y cbc.


With this alliance, the companies reinforce their commitment to the country and to integrate the business sustainability, supporting programs in 4 pillars:  water management and conservation, entrepreneurship, education and inclusive recycling and environmental innovation.

As part of its commitment, in alliance with “The Nature Conservancy” (TNC), it announced an investment of 300,000 dollars to contribute to the sustainability of aquifers in areas with hydrological stress with an innovative model of long-term hydrological conservation that with investments with different associates will impact 150 hectares in the metropolitan region of Guatemala.

Additionally and for the first time, an environmental innovation Project named “Light Liter” (Litro de Luz) will be realized.  This project offers light using recycled plastic bottles that will be filled with water and chlorine and then will be placed in the roofs, obtaining the light equivalent to a 75 watts bulb.  The project already has the support of PepsiCo in 3 Latin American countries since 2016.  In 2016 it will initiate in Guatemala with the support of cbc, expecting to reach 30 families without access to this resource.

Through its brand Pepsi, PepsiCo and cbc have been present in Guatemala for 75 years.  Since 1996, cbc has maintained an important association in the Central American area.  In this period, together they have shared similar visions related to the sustainable development of their business and the communities where they have diverse projects.

Roberto Olea, PepsiCo General Manager for Beverages in the North Latin America Region, said:   “The alliance that we are making with our bottling partner cbc, fortifies the bond we have and reveals the importance that social development and environmental preservation in Guatemala has for us.  It is a pride to bring to life PepsiCo´s vision of “Development with a Purpose”, which means to deliver first level financial results by integrating the sustainability in its business strategy, leaving a positive footprint in society and the environment.”

PepsiCo and cbc are committed to carry out joint activities, aware of the importance that the care of natural resources represent for the economic development of the country.  These companies act together in public-private associations, strengthening existing projects and developing new initiatives.


Alvaro Castillo Monge, member of the Board of Directors at cbc, said:  “This Alliance of more than 75 years with PepsiCo has allowed us a combined development that includes our commitment in the development of the communities of the countries in which we operate.  In the last four years we have developed together important programs for young entrepreneurs, for women and for the environmental education of children.  Today we take one more step in this alliance with innovative programs that protect the hydrological recharge areas.  “Together for Sustainability” represents the consolidation of our alliance for a better world”.

During the presentation, both companies outlined the combined work that they have made for many years for the following up and dissemination of this subject with programs of environmental education, entrepreneurship and inclusive recycling.  Olea added:  “Our combined vision to the future has a clear objective:  to continue supporting and promoting innovative initiatives that adapt to the needs of our communities and that allow sustainable development”.

The results reached to this moment and the established commitments through this alliance are a sample of the responsibility that PepsiCo and cbc assumed to continue strengthening environmental actions, always in line with what Guatemala needs to achieve solid growth in the long term.