Trainee 2016 | Live the Challenge
  • Corporative 26/08/2016


Guatemala 2016

We introduce the new edition of Trainee, our regional recruitment program, whose objective is to recruit and train young talents that can start and develop their professional careers in the company.  This program is oriented to young people in the last year of their university studies or with a maximum of two years of being graduated.  The selected ones will have the opportunity to get into the company under a practical and intense training scheme in the different areas or the organization.

Among the key competences that a candidate to the Trainee program must have are:  managerial skills, negotiation ability, entrepreneurial vision, leadership capacity, be willing to travel and change countries or cities and advanced English.  Once the selection stage is finished, the elected ones will enter the company as workers with a competitive salary and with all the benefits that cbc offer.

Registration is open until September 15, 2016.  Candidates must visit the web-site and fill out the information required on the link Trainee.

The process has several stages after registration:


Stage 1 – Application in the web-site

Stage 2 – Psychological tests

Stage 3 – Group assessments

Stage 4 – Interview with the president and CEO

The training consists of two phases, structured in a way that the selected candidates can acquire a full vision of the business since they learn the processes of diverse areas of the company.  It is a rewarding professional and personal experience.

First training phase:  The first phase is four months long from January to April.  The selected candidates from other countries travel to Guatemala.  They receive a monthly salary and cbc pays for their tickets, food and board and transportation during their stay.

  • January – April:  The trainees participate in strategic training in the administrative offices to learn more about cbc´s culture and the business dynamics.

Once this phase is finished, the trainees return to their country for a period of training in the distribution and sales centers, in order for them to learn the process and activities of the commercial and logistics area.

Second training phase:  The second phase is five months long and is performed in the country of origin of the trainee.

  • May – July:   The trainees are trained in sales centers, where they learn the processes and activities of the commercial area through intensive orientation.
  • August – September:   The trainees are trained in the distribution centers, where they learn the processes and activities of the operations and logistics area through intensive orientation.

Once this training is over, the trainees are ready to start their work with assigned goals in their area of interest, where they are formed as future leaders of cbc, with special trainings that guarantee their continuity and growth in the business.