Cabcorp celebrates its expansion with a new corporate image
  • Corporative 17/05/2013


Cabcorp, a corporation in constant evolution, has built solid relationships with the most important beverage and food companies in the world such as PepsiCo and AmBev.  Additionally, it developed Livsmart, a business unit that exports non-carbonated beverages to more than 20 countries.

Our corporate culture and our focus on people has allowed us a sustained growth, offering our consumers the largest beverage portfolio in the region.  In the last decade, our operations grew beyond Central America to The Caribbean and South America, and we have been recognized year after year as one of the companies with the largest growths in income and EBITDA.

As part of our evolution, we decided to adopt a new corporate objective that reflects faithfully our DNA, focusing always on big dreams and innovation.  The new image communicates through its logo the way we work:  we put our hearts in all we do, we are competitive people that search for excellence, we live an ownership culture, we work with conviction and we contribute to a better world.

In cbc we are proud of our leadership and our team work, which brings us to take this evolution step in our corporation.