PepsiCo and cbc celebrate 75 years of successful association
  • Corporative 16/06/2017

  • PepsiCo and cbc´s collaboration started in 1942.
  • cbc is the oldest bottler of PepsiCo outside of the USA.

Guatemala City, Guatemala, June 7, 2017.  PepsiCo and cbc celebrated 75 years of association during an internal meeting with their collaborators in Guatemala. Indra Nooyi, Administrative Council Director and CEO of PepsiCo, and Carlos Enrique Mata, Executive President of cbc both participated in that historic meeting.

Since this alliance was established, PepsiCo has offered Guatemalan consumers the most globally diversified food and beverage portfolio.

PepsiCo and cbc jointly operate in 8 Latin American markets through 11 production sites in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Ecuador and Peru.  The partners handle a wide product portfolio to satisfy consumer needs, including brands such as Pepsi-Cola, 7Up, Gatorade, Lipton Tea, Be-Light, H2OH!, Adrenaline Rush, among others.

Indra Nooyi, Administrave Council Director and CEO of Pepsi, declared:  “I am very proud to celebrate 75 years of association with cbc.  What has made our collaboration a long-lasting success is not only the important beverage brands, but also thanks to our innovative strategies and new technology.  The key of our success has been our joint commitment of being good companies.  Together, we have made more than business.  We have made a difference.  We have been good in doing positive things here in Guatemala and the region.  And that is what we will keep on doing in 2017 and upcoming years”.

PepsiCo granted cbc its first franchise for production and commercialization of its products in 1942, which represented back then, and even now, and important opportunity to develop the Central American Market.  Over seven decades, the association with cbc has strengthened both companies, working in a coordinated and combined way, taking advantage of mutual strengths.

This internal event brought the opportunity to highlight the sustainable association, as well as the projects that both companies have performed jointly to stimulate economic, social and environmental growth in the country.

Guided by its “Performance with Purpose” 2025 vision, Pepsico´s objective is to deliver top-tier financial performance, integrating sustainability in its business strategy, leaving a positive footprint in society and the environment.

Carlos Enrique Mata, cbc Executive President, announced:  “Without a doubt, together with PepsiCo we have outlined a unique and successful course of history for 75 years.   We have not only maximized synergies from both companies through this strategic association, we have joined forces to benefit the communities where we live and operate.   On behalf of cbc, we want to thank Indra and PepsiCo not only for this visit, but for 75 years of history and for the upcoming years of joint development, for the learnings we have had in this time and above all, for the shared vision”.

Among the social responsibility initiatives jointly undertaken, Carlos Enrique outlined the program “Together for Sustainable Development”, which looks to promote Guatemala´s economic, social and environmental development.

PepsiCo and cbc have also created and implemented important programs for young people and entrepreneurial women, environmental education, recycling and aquifers restoration.   All this programs have one purpose:  “consolidate its association for a better world”, while complying with PepsiCo’s 2025 strategy of “Performance with Purpose” through the Guatemalan PepsiCo foundation.

PepsiCo and cbc share the fundamental belief that success in the companies is inherently bound to sustainability of what surrounds us.   They will keep on working to improve the products they sell, protecting the planet in which they operate, empowering people around the world.