cbc achieves successful bonds placement
  • Corporative 19/05/2013


The Central America Bottling Corporation – cbc –successfully placed bonds internationally by an amount of US$100 million dollars.

Analyzing this placement, Moody´s, Standard & Poor´s and Fitch Ratings broadcasted press releases in which they ratified cbc´s international qualifications in Ba2, BB and BB+ respectively.

This placement has an interest rate of 4.875% in a ten year period.   The process was fast, the book was opened four hours and the demand was 2.7 times the offered amount.

To decide this opening, various factors were taking into account, such as the interest shown by investors, the positive international conditions and the growth and expansion agenda of the company.

Rodrigo Álvarez, Strategy and Financial Planning Director at cbc, said:  “The results of this placement confirm the trust of the investors and the international market favorable conditions.  These resources will be pointed to continue with our growth and expansion agenda, since they open investment opportunities in South America.”

According to Fitch Ratings, cbc´s qualification is supported by a long story as Anchor Bottler of PepsiCo in Central America and The Caribbean, by a wide portfolio of leader products in the territories where it operates and by a large distribution network.

The qualification also reflects the good performance of the company, characterized by a positive and stable cash flow and by solid credit measurements.  Additionally, the company hast the operational and technical support of PepsiCo, who is also owner of 18% of CabCorp – cbc.

Fitch Ratings expectations are that cbc will maintain a positive growth trend and an improved profitability.  For 2012, the net sales of the company where US$ 1.1 billion, which represents a 24% growth compared to 2011.  Additionally, it considers that the income of this bonds placement will contribute to strengthen the company´s liquidity.

Standard & Poor´s view is that the leader position of the company in the beverage market of Latin America, its wide distribution network, the relatively low cyclical nature of the industry and a stable cash flow generation alleviate the possible macroeconomic risks in the country in which it operates.

Besides, it considers that the stable perspective reflects the expectation that CabCorp – cbc – will continue successfully integrating its acquisition in Ecuador and reduce its debt levels through the generation of internal cash.

For Moody´s, CabCorp – cbc, enjoys a strong market position and access to PepsiCo´s beverage portfolio, which offers multiple categories such as carbonated beverages, juices, nectars, sports drinks, energy drinks, water and tea.

According to Moody’s, it is expected that by mid-term, the company will continue with acquisitions and will enlarge its geographical footprint, since it is considered as a company capable of consolidating operations, following the international market trend.